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The parent, foster parent, guardian, or school representative should attend with the child, and provide evidence of his/her own identity, the identity of the child, evidence of the requirement for a PPS number, and evidence of the relationship between the parent/guardian and the child. Как этот момент обыграть в резюме? Вы впервые ищете работу руководителя. How to apply Only the Department of Social Protection can provide you with a Personal Public Service Number (PPS number) . You can find a list of PPS registration centres on the Department of Social Protection’s website. For example, your employer, your bank, the National Driver Licence Service, the HSE and Revenue – you can inform Revenue using the Revenue’s online Jobs and Pension Service or contact your local tax office. I’m moving to Ireland soon — how do I get a Personal Public Service Number? Скачать файл:ссылки на скачивание отсутствуют! 1-20 21-40 41-60 … 601-620 621-621.


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