Шаблон для буклета об олимпиаде

The Incenter/Excenter Lemma (pdf) (tex)A collection of problems which exhibit the first olympiad configuration I got to know well, the famous «incenter/excenter lemma». Bashing Geometry with Complex Numbers (pdf) (tex)Written in broken Traditional Chinese. Arkadii Slinko Mathematics Olympiad Site (gradually being transferred) Provides: a collection of problems, tutorials, training material, articles, a Monthly Internet Mathematics Olympiad, and information on the New Zealand Math Olympiads. Изображение должно быть на прозрачном фоне без полупрозрачностей в формате TIFF. Векторные форматы сохраняются в EPS, шрифты в кривых. Each question is worth seven marks. (The preceding information is taken from an Overview of the IMO provided by the IMO’95 host country, Canada; also see below.) A total score of 42 points is possible.

Скачать: Year_10_Science_Portfolio_Above.pdf

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