Шаблон саййта бокс

Box-sizing Some third party software, including Google Maps and Google Custom Search Engine, conflict with Bootstrap due to * { box-sizing: border-box; }, a rule which makes it so padding does not affect the final computed width of an element. Простая функциональность для ведения электронной коммерции от Virtuemart Компонент Virtuemart является мощным инструментом для создания современных интернет-магазинов на Joomla. Page title searches {{in title}} – Search for pages whose name contains given words {{look from}} – Search for pages whose name begins with a given word For searches with exact matches, exact in upper and lower cases, or in punctuation marks, see Help:Searching#grep. Bootstrap source code The Bootstrap source code download includes the precompiled CSS, JavaScript, and font assets, along with source Less, JavaScript, and documentation. Maybe you should create a mirrored copy of the picture, and it could be put on both sides of the title. – Heaven’s Wrath Talk 17:48, 7 October 2006 (UTC) That looks great. I’ll add a reversed image to the other side.

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