Информация о шаблон зебра

Zebra Technologies associates can login into Template Builder using their Core ID and password. If you are not a partner or Zebra Technologies associate and need Zebra credentials please visit the following website to Register. Minimal, Agency & Porfolio WordPress Theme | Zebre is a Minimal Porfolio WordPress Theme which is designed subtle and prevailing. If you are a creative Designer, Developer, Freelancer or Agency, Zebre must satisfy the several standards of your demands. Because zebra finch males learn their songs from their surroundings, they are often used as avian model organisms to investigate the neural bases of learning, memory, and sensorimotor integration. Applies when the field processing mode is “Barcode» and the Barcode Type is set to a supported symbology (see table, below). Symbologies shown in gray are not recommended. To improve the accuracy of form identification, Zebra recommends enabling this feature whenever possible. Note: OCR capture requires the device viewfinder to be positioned directly over the text to be captured.

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